Automotive Administrative Service

We are committed to mobility without limits. Discover all our services for the integral management of administrative processes during the useful life of the vehicle and with national coverage.

The peace of mind of being in control

Solutions that allow you to manage all administrative processes online, with instant visibility of the activity performed.

Procedures for new vehicles and used vehicles

Car Registration

matrícula española de ejemplo

Vehicles Property Transfers

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Duplicate circulation permissions

ejemplo de ficha técnica de un vehículo español

Report of a Vehicle

ejemplo de un informe de tráfico español de la DGT

Temporary or definitive car deregistrations

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Low emission tax rebate

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Digital document custody

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All the procedures for your vehicle fleet in a 100% digital environment

Save time and money with Gesthispania:
do all your paperwork online.

We move forward with you with services and solutions tailored to your needs.

API Integration
with other software

Comprehensive resource optimization and process acceleration through the use of APIs integration with third parties.

Always informed

Personalized reporting system with the desired periodicity.


Team of experts available to work at our customers’ facilities.

Legal and administrative settlement

Legal and technical support offered by our team of professionals.

SLA contracts

Your business is our priority, that’s why we seal our service through SLA management commitment.

Document custody and logistics

Logistics services for the storage and custody of physical documents or other vehicle elements.



Gesthispania offers unique solutions for unique clients.

We want to guarantee you integral solutions that are adapted to your company with the peace of mind of a management that saves you time and money.

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<p>Reduces operating costs</p>

Reduces operating costs

<p>Reduction of operating costs</p>

Reduction of operating costs

<p>Simplification of processes</p>

Simplification of processes

<p>Reduces risks</p>

Reduces risks

We have optimized the traditional management process until it is completely digitalized.

Efficient, fast, secure and fit for the future


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