Automatic integration with DGT with just one click

Integration platform with the DGT for secure, easy and automated tenant communication.

What does Direct Cayc allow you to do?

  • Listings

    Upload, edit and confirm the list of drivers and renters in a massive, automatic and instantaneous way.

  • Historical

    Monitor the status and history of all procedures and download the log of information from the control panel.

  • Users

    Generate as many users as you need and enable or limit their permissions.

  • Control

    Receive notifications on the status of the procedures in real time.

Streamlines procedures and reduces operating costs


Easy to use

Developed and adapted to all DGT requirements.

Fast and Secure

Control of access to the platform and guarantee of data confidentiality thanks to certified security protocols.


Massive and immediate communications with the DGT



Massive, complete and secure DGT integration



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