Management and control tool for traffic fines, vehicles and drivers.

A single space for the secure and complete management of the fines of the vehicles in your fleet.

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Online management, tracking and control of traffic fines for companies and drivers

MiratusMultas is a complete fine management service for fleet operators.

Receipt of the notification, identification of the driver, payment of the fine, preparation and presentation of appeals. All in a 100% digital environment.

Traffic Fines management

Driver management

Vehicle management

Control reports

All traffic fine information collected and organized

Receipt of traffic fines and email notification of new traffic fines

Online payment of traffic fines

History of all management associated with a traffic fine

Automatic and direct communication with drivers

All driver data necessary for identification

Sending traffic fines to drivers

Private area for drivers

Vehicle database management

Continuous fleet updating

Fleet organization

Transparency and online control

Wide range of indicators available for analysis over any period of time

Generation and download of customized reports

Consultation of sanction and process history

Reduces operational burden and management costs and increases business productivity

Miratusmultas simplifies and automates workflows, allowing the monitoring and control of the entire process and compliance with deadlines.


Parameterizable tool according to the characteristics of the company.


Process tracking with digital archiving of all information and documentation associated with each process.


Soporte técnico, administrativo y legal  personalizado.

Personalized technical, administrative and legal support.

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